Guitar OutsideGolden Oak Music Lessons offers music lessons both in our studio at 25030 Avenue Stanford as well as in or students homes.  Click here to learn more about studio lessons or in-home lessons.

Music lessons are typically taken once a week with lesson lengths of thirty minutes, forty five minutes or an hour.  Some students study multiple instruments and take longer lessons and some students choose to begin lessons twice a week.  If you are unsure the length or frequency you should begin lessons at we can help give you an idea of what is normally a sufficient amount of time for your instrument and level.

We can also give you an idea of the amount of time you should plan to practice outside of your private lessons.  For instance children beginning piano lessons will normally start with thirty minutes once a week and the most important aspect of practice is consistency for as many days as possible vs. a long practice time. As teachers we help our students not just learn how to play, but how to practice. “Learning to practice takes practice”

We perform multiple recitals through the year with our students of all levels and instruments.  They are fun and positive and we encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunity to share their music with others.  There are several performance times to ensure as many students as possible can participate.  Attendance is open to family and friends and we hold them in well-sized facilities so that we do not need to limit attendance.  They are often formal or themed and give parents and children a chance to dress up and perform in a concert-like setting.   Musical performance provides a wonderful step into building confidence in front of a group of people.