Our simple monthly tuition helps keep music lessons accessible and budgeting simple for our families and students.  Base rates are between $50-60 an hour dependent upon the instrument and instructor.  We keep payment straightforward do not charge registration other fees.  We invoice via email at the beginning of each month and accept checks, credit cards, eCheck or ACH.


Lesson Length Monthly Tuition  
1/2 Hour Weekly $100-120
3/4 Hour Weekly $150-180
Full Hour Weekly $200-240


For those wishing to take lessons without the weekly commitment credits may typically be purchased at a $60-70 an hour base rate depending on the instrument and teacher.  Fully flexible scheduling is available in this case with no weekly commitment required.  Email lessons@goldenoakmusicstudios.com for more information.

We are an approved vendor for our regions major charter schools. If you wish to pay for your child’s lessons through your school and are unsure if we are on their vendor list, or would like to request that we be added simply send us an email.