Sometimes helping a student succeed musically is all about finding the right teacher. We have a great diversity of teachers in both classical and popular styles of music from those with forty plus years of experience performing and teaching to studio musicians who record on feature films to recording-artists and song-writers rockin’ the cool factor. We are a studio of active musicians who love teaching. Beyond the music degrees and years of experience our teachers have been invited to join Golden Oak Music because after their many years of experience they have a deep love for teaching. Though we are all talented musicians we believe the most important word in the title “music teacher” is “teacher”.

We currently offer music lessons to adults and children in piano, voice, strings (violin, etc), guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, digital music (makin’ beats), and recording and sound-mixing. Our teachers are all very well-qualified individuals with university or college education.  As a studio though we go far beyond education and years of experience as a team of individuals with unique strengths who care deeply about our students and each others. We sub for one another when needed, offer advice and networking, and strive with our students to achieve their goals. Taking lessons at Golden Oak Music Studios is not just about showing up for a lesson once a week but about working with a coach who wants to make sure that you or your child not only improve but grow to love music and the instrument they are learning.

To learn more about our teachers and discuss who might be the best fit for you or your child talk with teacher-owner Josh by emailing lessons@goldenoakmusicstudios.com or calling (661) 526-0530. If you are looking for an instrument we do not offer, or we can’t schedule you in, we will happily point you in the right direction with some recommendations.